Just a little reminder…

We are almost at the border - 130 hot miles to go. Please visit the Charity page on this site and make a donation to charity if you’ve enjoyed reading about our journey. It really helps to keep me going through the pain, knowing that some good is coming from my efforts!

Thanks so much everyone for the messages of support - really appreciated. Next stop Antelope Wells and then on to Phoenix, where I promise we will get some pictures uploaded. Maybe they will inspire some of you guys to do something similar…..?!

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Live Tracking and Charity

Final preparations are now well under way; ┬áMarco has had his legs waxed and we are almost ready to go!

If you haven’t already had a look, you can now track our progress in real time, thanks to the SPOT GPS tracking device we will be carrying. The device is a little bit difficult to operate, but we hope to have it working well as soon as we set off tomorrow morning. You can follow or progress on the “Live Tracking” tab at the top of this page.

We’ve also updated the “Charity” tab. We aren’t riding for one single charity, instead we are letting you choose your own. If you enjoy reading about our adventure and are able to make a donation to charity, please just leave a comment or send us an email giving the name of the charity and the amount donated, or the amount per mile / kilometre.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us prepare - now I guess it’s all about the bike


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