Reflections from the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail (1 of 10) – Introduction

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Thisis the first of a series of ten posts about my recent trip to Mountain Bike theContinental Divide between Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

It’s been a week since I stopped cycling atthe end of my Canada to Mexico Mountain Bike Trip down the Continental Divide. The week has gone very quickly mainly because I had to get to Phoenix, Arizona and then back to the UK ready to start work.

During my commutes around Scotland over the last couple of days I’ve been pulling together my thoughts on the expedition, writing up my diary and trying my best to catalogue photographs. In the meantime Simon and Marco have still been battling on with the fierce New Mexico climate and terrain in a bid to make it to Antelope Wells and the end of their journey. All being well they should get to the end tomorrow (Saturday 25^th^) and I wish them the best of luck and some strong tail winds!

In the next series of posts I will catalogue my experience of the trail, the
route, details ...

more ...