We now have less than three weeks before the adventure of a lifetime begins. Three weeks - where has the time gone? Marco and I should arrive in Calgary in a week’s time and then the shopping for bikes and other equipment can begin. We will then have about ten days in Calgary / Banff before Ollie flies in from Scotland and we set off.

I’m still in New Zealand, hanging around in Auckland and trying to sell the van, but things are starting to happen with logistics and we are finalising more and more details almost every day.

The maps and guide book have arrived in here and I have now started to study the route in more detail. I’d thought that this would make the ride seem longer, but seeing the route on paper (over six maps)seems to have made it more achievable in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted, but now it seems slightly more possible. For those of you interested in the route, I’ve added wikipedia links to the place names on our “Route” page, so feel free to find out more about some of the places we’ll be riding through.

More news will follow in the next couple of weeks with details of how you’ll be able to follow our progress and some of the cool stuff we’ll be posting to the site to keep you updated. Don’t forget to check up on the facebook group, and for those of you on Twitter, you can find Marco, Ollie and me on there too.