Simon bikingIt has been an interesting few days, trying to get used to being back on a bike. Marco has been a very patient teacher, helping me out with my biking skills. I’ve fallen off every day, but yesterday’s was the worst so far. I approached a small steep hill in the forest, but didn’t have enough speed to get up it, hit a root with the front wheel and fell backwards and to the right back down off the hill. I landed on a solid wooden wall, with my ribs taking most of the impact. I even managed to dent the new bike - what an idiot! I managed to continue riding, but with some discomfort, and this morning, I’m not doing too well.

Other than that, preparations are going pretty well. We had our first team teleconference yesterday morning, and all sounds well in Scotland, where Ollie is getting ready to fly out on Thursday.

Here in Calgary, we are hoping that the trailers have arrived in the shop so that we can pack them up and get all our other stuff posted on to Phoenix (thanks to Katie for finding an address for us). Our plan is to pack up the trailers and ride the 120kms to Canmore tomorrow. This will be a big day and will give us an idea of how things are going to go. It will be a long day in the saddle, and even though the route is all along the road, it will be the first time we really get a feeling for riding with the trailers.

Fingers crossed that the trailers are here and the adventure can begin.