Yeah I know, I signed for it. I can’t say I didn’t know… It was just to tell about two long days we had, one to get to Swan Lake, and the next one to Seeley Creek.
To Swan Lake, we arrived there around 9.30pm after a long day of lots of up & down all the time and a last long hill to climb. We thought first to camp somewhere but couldn’t really find a spot and the mosquitos were sooooo bad! No way! We ended up at the campground before it got dark at least.
The second day, we just made it before it was completely dark… We left a bit too late Swan Lake and with the last hard climb before Seeley Creek, we only arrived at 10.15pm there. Campground again, but no one would serve us food, all kitchens were closed :-( So we had to cook our “emergency pasta” on the ground, with our headlight and we were pretty tired (some more than others of course, but all starving and sleepy). This day we made almost 100 miles, the longest day so far!

Otherwise on the scenic part, the rockies are amazing. It’s such a pleasure to see the landscape changing almost each time we are going down in another valley. It’s also started to get warmer during the day, warm enough for me… How is it gonna be in New-Mexico?
Today between Lincoln and Helena, the landscape looked very closed to the Swiss Alps & Chamonix, even in temperature and frsh mountain air. A true pleasure to bike!

The bikers are still doing fine, getting different variation of colors on the skin (from red to brown) and still joking or smiling most of the time. The trailers are great and I start to forget about it, even when I’m climbing uphill like a mountain goat… Especially after lunch since I lost one kilo or two.

No resting days planed, chamois butter every morning, big breakfast, sunscreen… I forgot about one thing… If any of you knows where to get 2 pairs of mountain goat bikers legs, it would be helpful 8-) Thanks!

Time to go to bed…