Welcome to BanffFirst thing this morning was to sort out what we will get rid of. I was almost gonna send my big Canon camera but it was too hard and I will carry it in my backpack instead. We also put the flags on :-)
At the post office, we sent a box of 3.9kg! The trailers felt so much more easier to tow. Definitively it makes a big change! After some pasta in Canmore it was time to head to the trail to get to Banff to get some taste of the off-road of the Great Divide. We climbed up the Spray Lakes road and Simon had a kind of disfunctional cycling problem… no more energy in the legs! So he also trained to push the bike & trailer wearing his bike shoes… But he didn’t complain. He was mad at himself to not having any energy in his body.

After the climb comes the downhill (or almost should I say) to Banff on the Goat Creek trail. It was a nice feeling to be i nthe forest biking with the trailer and letting my mind thinking about the next coming days in the rockies when we will set off on Friday! That’s gonna be gorgeous! I love it already :-)


The trailers are also stable on the gravel road, I went up to 31 mph (about 50 km/h) on the trail, but it takes a bit more distance to brake… So far no crash ;-)
Arrived in Banff we went back through the highway and I got my first flat! I haven’t had any in Switzerland for ages, but here I get one on my second day… What’s the proble? Well the front tube wasn’t set up properly and it broke right at the valve. It was pretty sketchy to stop with the weight of the trailer though. I don’t want to have one again while going downhill at 31mph, especially on the front tire, because I won’t be able to stop without crashing…
First flat

Now with less weight and less comfort as well, because it was mainly comfort things we sent, we are pretty much all set to start this gorgeous Great Divide tour down to the Mexican border!